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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

reform school

I just "treated" myself and bought a tiny little something from one of my favorite online shops: reform school. Treated is in quotations because what I picked up isn't fancy or unnecessary- I actually bought something that resolves a problem. I suffer from grossed out by dusty night stand water-itis. It's a major disease. I, like most ppl get thirsty at night but thinking of sipping on stale water gives me the willies so here's the solution:

Recycled Glass Night Set$22.00

Made from recycled glass.
A perfect bedside companion.
carafe is 9 1/2"H

I absolutely love the Reform School site and I just wanted to share with you how pleased I've been with past purchases. I also just love the high school theme. How sweet are these little bored in class doodles?


Enchanted Royals said...

I was just in there not but yesterday and saw that exact decanter! I was this close to buying it. Wound up buying some thick canvas with a red vintage car print to make a tote out of. It's maybe my favorite store in LA!

The Cottage Cheese said...

That recycled night glass water set is too clever! I always have to have a glass of water by the bedside too. This is perfect.

east side bride said...

this is one of my fave stores on the east side. come visit! we will go!