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Friday, June 5, 2009

coffee break

(an other amazingly crazy Andy Jordan costume)
Heading to Sbux for my grande iced soy peppermint latte.
What do you usually pick up?


wool and misc said...

you're so welcome! i get my own label?! woo hoo!!! hot/iced americanos are my poison depending on my mood and tempurature.

drollgirl said...

UM, LOVE THIS!!! HAAHAHHAHAAH! why can't i wear this kind of stuff?!?!?

hope you have a great weekend! :)

boubou said...

Bonjour !
First time i come across your blog so im gonna visit it now :)
well if you wanna be inspired by my collages or just dream , come and take a cup of tea in my blog :)
a bientot !
Boubouteatime xx

An Carol said...

you are so cool with your pots ;D How to find it this LOL page and perfect shoot ...