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Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, boyfriend!

I love June 15th, 1977 because it brought me you.
Here's some awesomeness of '77:
short shorts, beards & surf '77
Signatures of 11 members of the 1976-1977 Boston Red Sox.
a jolly day in 1977
hotties '77
1977 xerox machines le kingfilms of '77Brooklyn kids in 1977hitchhicking was cool in '77Bristol, 1977 Silver JubileeHappy Birthday Coo-Coo Bird!


House of Slappy said...

I was 2 in 77, but damn those pics make me miss the late 70's from what I can remember!

clorivak said...

Happy Birthday Melodies Boyfriend!!!

Those are some killer pics!

drollgirl said...

dude!!! happy birthday to your man!

i was 7 in 1977. fun times! and rod stewart was hotness on a stick back then. at least he was to me!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday melodies boyf ;)
lots of love,
nicky x

Nomi Nickel said...

there is so much awesome shit going on in this photos I can't even handle it. damn.

Heist said...

Happy Birthday, Hot Pepper!

The Cottage Cheese said...

This is one of the coolest collections of 70's photos I've come across. Happy birthday to your boy! He must be pretty rad to have scored a girl like you ;)

Raina said...

It's nice to see a celebrity wearing panties - so much has changed. Sigh.

Hello Lindello said...

He's a lucky guy! I was born in the 80s but those pics have me wishing the 70s.