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Friday, June 5, 2009

weekday links

Ramones beach party
via now voyager's hilarious ms paint party!!!


wool and misc said...

chock full of amazingness, as always. how do you do it???

clorivak said...

You are a freak of awesomeness, and its neverending...dooodooodoo..doo.

ahhh...the ramonekins!!!! They always get me happy!

Those porcelain dress always made me pass out. Amazing. That is like the perfect dress ever.

and yes, I could go on about every link...but then you would just want to put duct tape on my mouth or hands or something.

holyshit skullswap rocks and that ceiling...I was lucky I was wearing depends...:s

Have a great weekend toots.

clorivak said...

btw i meant almost not always on the porcelain dress...dang typos.

drollgirl said...

the ramones have never looked better. seriously. never.

cake. said...

haha i'm pretty sure that's actually the best thing i've ever drawn.