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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bambi ♥

I was intending to write something on the fact that my chihuahua Parker needs an $1,800 dual knee surgery soon. Major trauma on both her tiny deer body and my wallet. But before I even began working on my puppy woes post I found this NPR news story in my inbox. This story is making my head spin. You have people like me who are willfully about to spend thousands on improving the quality of life of a 4lb animal then beasts like this Dorothy woman who beat them to death!

Woman Beats Bambi To Death With Shovel

What kind of person would beat Bambi to death?
Denise Richardson of Euclid, Ohio is exactly that kind of person.
EUCLID, Ohio -- Resident Dorothy Richardson, 76, said she was defending herself when she beat to death a 25-pound fawn that was crouched in her flower bed, then stuffed the fawn's body in a cardboard box and put it out on trash day.

Richardson said she has been defending her garden against deer for years and this time took a shovel and beat the fawn until it died.
She said the fawn's eyes contacted hers, like he was going to jump and bite her head off.
Euclid City Councilman Christopher Gruber says Richardson told him something different.
Gruber says Richardson said she hit it once and, according to her, it screamed and she hit it two more times, then she said that what she wanted to do was put it at the end of the yard so the other deer know not to mess with her.

Maybe she could've tried coyote urine before going the fawn-bashing route?


K @ Blog Goggles said...

That's horrifying. Poor deer! So sorry about your little doggy, too. Good luck with the surgery.

sherri said...

dorothy richardson has some super shitty karma coming her way. hope your pooch has a speedy recovery after surgery. and your wallet!

Heist said...

ew...that makes me want to vomit

amy @ switz~art said...

i agree with sherri. that bitch is goin' down.

please let me know how your pup is. it's super hard when you're faced with surgery and the money factor that goes with it. you're in my thoughts...


sorry to hear the news...hope the darling poochy would heal speedily!
ps: that Bambi killer should be haunted by PETA!

House of Slappy said...

Oh nooooo! I was totally prepared to read a heartwarming story about how a random stranger spend a ton of cash to help fix a hurt deer they found. That lady's a bitch.

Best of luck with your pooch's surgery ;)

The Cottage Cheese said...

Did I not comment on this post before? I think I was a little drunk when I read it, so I might have used a few too many choice 4 letter words. So sorry to hear about your sweet pup Parker. I hope her surgery goes well.

Bambi killing psycho should be locked up. I'm glad her name was published. I hope that animal lovers all over the world harass her and she is ostracized from society. Really, what kind of person is capable of this?

alissa said...

OMG That is terrible! what is wrong with her? like a 25 lb deer is going to do anything