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Monday, July 27, 2009

dream house randomizer

A collage of some dream house elements:

this sunroom in it's entirety

Samlad stil citypärlan
these saddle leather chairs and gray walls

white floors and a family wall

a basement filled with modern bamboo furniture and not that guy

an absurd collection of art on the walls

this delicious jade bathroom

+and of course this ridiculous dressing room/closet

throw in a fancy dog painting & a window made of tequila bottles
and I'm all set.


drollgirl said...

ahhhhhh. you have some great stuff here! the second pic is my favorite.

and i am with you on vin diesel: BARFARONI. the SHHHHHHHHHH picture made me squeal with laughter. i could go on and on, but will spare you.

and that panda bread?!?!? you are fucking rad.

hope your monday is BEARABLE! :)

Clorivak said...

Holy Mother...what a dreamhouse!!! I am f-ing madly in love with those saddle chairs and that Jade Bathroom is DELISH.

amy @ switz~art said...

that dressing room is super ridiculous and perfect...

the sunroom is my fave...

Waxy said...

If I could have that jade bathroom in my house I would never ask for another thing ever again...its perfect!


I'm on board with all of it - especially that dressing room. One day, one day . . .

The Cottage Cheese said...

Fantastic mod interiors! I would never want to leave that sunroom.