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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Iv Toshain is becoming a favorite of mine.
"Iv Toshain is a young Bulgarian artist currently living and working in Vienna. Her series of recent drawings, paintings and photographs, take a pointed and ironic look at an environment that mirrors the social codes with stereotypes, consumerism, brain drain, power exertion, frivolity, material life and reflects them back to her audience, beautifully slick and glamorous, through a very dark mirror. These images, are layered with the underlying disturbances that occur in a culture that celebrates youth, achievements and worships physical attractiveness..."
I like the layered yet simple look of some of these. I would love to visit her solo show at Fleetwing Gallery Brooklyn.



I read; beauty is not eternal?
I need to use SPF1000 more often!


drollgirl said...

oh, now this is what i like! i mean LOVE!

craig-hunter said...

Whoa, thanks for sharing this.
And I'm really glad she's showing in Brooklyn! I'm totally checking this out this weekend.