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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New years resolution: keep a clean hard drive

I have dozens of images saved on my work pc that have inspired me in some way or another. I've decided to clear up some space and start fresh with a new found items folder. Here is a selection of images that I felt needed to be stored and reference back to:

*(I have not noted sources for every image due to the volume and lack of info on a few. I apologize to the appropriate owners for not making citations. I am in no way trying to be a copy write infringer. Please message me if you are curious about an image and I can provide some info. I am just a compulsive 'right click and saver'-and these are some of my 2008 collections)

Monday, December 29, 2008

holiday wrap up

Gah, it's been a whirlwind of a week; I still can't believe it's Monday and I'm back at work.Here are few quick highlights of my week:
Tuesday I waited patiently for the last of my online gift purchases to arrive in the mail:
an engraved ipod for my bf-(he loved the subtle beatles touch)
a limited ed. Steve Harrington screenprint also for my bf
some lovely handmade soap sets by svsoaps for my ladies
and Tuesday night we went to see the nutcracker.
Wednesday consisted of some last minute shopping for stocking stuffers:
Santa knows that ppl like mini booze bottles more than crappy junk from cvs.
It so happens that Anthropologie was next to the booze store so I stopped in and scored some gorgeous ornaments for 75% off!
Thursday was an oh so lovely Christmas filled with family and great presents. Here a few lovelies:
3 bronze pinecones by Ria Charisse; one of my favorite artists!
Some more mini modern chairs by reac japan
I also scored some beautifully tailored clothes from BASE, and a few other timeless coats and accessories that I will cherish for years to come. I am a huge fan of gift giving so I truly feel more rewarded in seeing peoples reactions and appreciation rather than receiving. I was most anxious to see how my parents would react to their gift this year. And amazingly they loved him and were beaming about how special this piece is and where they could hang it. Such a relief!
The remainder of the weekend consisted of mimosas in the am, bikes ride with my dog, sharing macaroons and late night shenanigans with my friend Tiffany, and braving the malls to return some things. We also managed to squeeze in the abridge Shakespeare play and dine and drink at my favorite piano bar Magnum Lounge.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

good tidings

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The holidays are here and I have to admit I'm really excited to host/attend a few more parties. There's nothing like Christmas party debaucheries with good friends, fancy outfits, tasty snacks and booze a flowin'. These gorgeous editorial photographs by Miles Aldridge remind me of prepping for and enjoying a house party.
This clip below of Dolly Parton singing "coat of many colors" reminds me of Christmas in a non traditional way. Ontop of her looking oh so tacky spectacular-this song is great because it's all about appreciation of family and gratitude for what you are given. Enjoy.

Monday, December 22, 2008

last minute gift for me?

I want this: 16″ x 20″ screeprint of Bill Murray, edition of 44. This print distributed by visual technicians is the second edition of a quickly sold out small release from earlier this year.
I love me some steve zissou.

Thanks OMG Posters!

fruit cake: source of bad energy

Last week was unbelievably stressful on me. On top of the regular pre-holiday anxieties I had to deal with the death of my 14 year old dog and my grandmother being rushed to the hospital due to a serious bout of pneumonia. So, needless to say posting anything on this blog was not a priority. Seeing that today is my office Christmas party I thought this illustration by evah fan was appropriate.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Amazing find: Choegal

How beautiful is this hand painted wooden figure by David Choe. This doll with mechanical limbs and 3 different facial features is produced in a limited number of 1000. These were released through Ningyoushi and are moderatly priced at $45. I really like some of David's work but it's not for everyone. Choegal is a treasure though and I am sure a variety of people would appreciate her.
via Arrensted Motion

I love: small details

A selection of teenie things that I find simply divine.
"a winter walk" 2006, by Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz from the Island series.
Little Helping Hands Wall Sculpture, by poodlebreathVintage 'endless love' ring, available at day-lab
tiny vintage sandwich book, ebay auction

"Bird" Animal Collective Series, Denise Ann Simon; via the shiny squirrel

cable knit baby booties, Jayson Home & Garden
14 Karat Goldplated staples, OOOMS