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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gift giving

I've been on a bit of a buying spree lately, but every penny has been well spent. I love spoiling my loved ones!
I picked up these little treasures for my friends birthday last week from Etsy artist berkleyillustration:
5x7"Robin, digital archival print created from original pen and ink drawing.
5x7"Panda, digital archival print created from original pen and ink drawing.(I plan on picking up this irresistibly dapper little Bat for my self)
An other great Etsy find was Silhouette Blue Stationery & Invitations. Megan was incredibly helpful in creating a personalized stationary set and shipping it out within a week! Her collection of personalized screen printed note cards are adorable, amazing in person, and very affordable.While I was on my online shopping frenzy I picked up this rare and vintage Boston Braves heather gray, worn thin to perfection, 1970's T-shirt from Ebay for my love. He's a huge RedSox baseball fan so I thought I'd surprise him with this little gem. I just knew he would die when he opened the package.
(note this tubby dude above is not my bff)
And lastly, I just haaaad to treat my self. Check out this sweet and romantic handmade feather headpiece named "Ms. Norma" from Etsy darling Ohmydeer. Ohmydeer has a lovely blog and now makes one of a kind and custom decorative hair pieces out of organic materials. I wore this piece out to dinner last night and felt very snazzy!
Chelsae's blog (check out her wedding photos, they're absolutely precious and envy worthy)

Friday, September 26, 2008


This subtle and gorgeous exclusive Little Paper Planes print by Julianna Swaney reminded of the full body vintage mink stole I spotted at my favorite vintage shop Antique Mall Y'all a few weeks back. I would have probably thrown up at the fact of touching this a few years ago but now I'm obsessing about cold weather and wearing these little kitty companions around my neck. Below are a few images from the many bejeweled and jam packed rooms in Antique Mall Y'all:

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I need some color in my life

Marcus Walters and Supermundane "untitled"
A limited edition from "Magic Happens"; Signed by both artists - edition of 20 $50

Apenest "Everything" Silkscreen print; Edition of 55, Signed and numbered, 26" x 40"; 7 color screen print $25
Steven Harrington: "Community no." 23.5x29.5 offset print $25.00 & "Peacock" ( Bf wants to some how incorporate the Peacock image into a tattoo ;)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the pitter patter of little mice

Natalia Edenmont photograph: "ballet" 2004
Edition 5/6, C-print mounted on Perspex
146,8 x 150,5 cm
Hand printed Gocco gift tags by: ohmycavalier
One of the most deliciously me shoes ever made. A perfect marriage of ballet flat, costume and rodent appreciation by Marc Jacobs. Handmade Taxidermy "Hamlet mouse with skull" by Jeanie M
from California based curiosity shop Paxton Gate

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Etsy find: Johnny and June window shades

How romantic are these custom screen printed window covers by drinkanddream? I had previously seen Addie's work on D*Sponge but never browsed the sweet little etsy shop. Needless to say I freaked when I found these rock inspired romantic window covers for sale. My Bf thinks they're pretty neat too so we're ordering a custom set for our teenie apt.
Check out the amazing Ramone's set below:

Ebay find: Daily Paintings

I'm totally loving the idea of daily paintings . There seem to be several fine artists using Ebay to sell and feature their one off daily paintings. Usually some painters will fiddle around with still-life to practice and train them selves,so these items tend to be small and reasonably affordable. I'm a sucker for miniature pieces and food related imagery. Make it small and about something organic and familiar and I'm all over it. Here are a few selections from various sellers on Ebay:
Ebay: abbeyspaintings
"Necco Waffers"
Oil on linen on panel

Ebay: wangfineart
" bread"
7 X 5 inches Oil on board 2008
Arist Blog

Twinkie #5
Oil on Masonite 7"x5"

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Word Art: Mike Monteiro

My brain is fried today. I think this painting by Mike Monteiro seems to suit my afternoon quite well.
"Better Mistakes" Acrylic, 30x40" $600
I'm not that crazy about text art, but my brain hurts right now and this is easy. A few of my other favorite slogans of his are: "You make me wish I had a time machine" and "Lets pretend we're working class"
Via: The Beholder

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Yes, Charlotte has fleas and it makes me want to DIE!
This piece by London based Artist Kelly McCallum makes me feel a little better. I guess things could always be worst. Kelly's work is an amazing balance of Victorian Taxidermy, Sculpture, and fine art jewelry. Although they may be slightly revolting ( I say that in the sweetest way possible), I am totally fascinated by her collections.
Here are a few pieces from 2007 and 2008

"Kelly McCallum graduated from the Goldsmithing department at the Royal College of Art in summer 2006: a jeweller’s interest in scale and attention to detail is apparent in both her wearable objects and her sculptural pieces. Her work is influenced by both story-telling and natural history, employing Victorian taxidermy as well as insects, precious metals and other treasures from her personal collection of curiosities."

Find: Amanda Visell Elephants

I absolutely love AmandaVisell's sweet 1950's children book inspired graphics. I squealed when I opened this delicious little elephant Dunny last night.
More elephant yumminess:

Amanda's Blog

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Refreshing: faux bois letterpress

I really like this 10x10 inch letterpress faux bois print.
You can never go wrong with stark white, organic and square.
Etsy Find: Girl Metro
Inkless letter press on cotton based paper.

Inspiration: Natalia Edenmont

Natalia Edenmont's work makes my heart beat out of my chest.

New bathroom print?

This little print tugs at my appreciation for cheap art and the Misfits.
Etsy find: Chris Piascik
2 color Gocco print, 4.5" x 6"
Horror Business lyrics by the Misfits

Mini Obsession: Typewriters

After buying a vintage seafoam green typewriter at a thrift store a couple of weeks ago I can't get over the charmingly nostalgic aesthetic. I love looking at it everyday. It sits patiently in my bedroom waiting for me to feed it some new ribbon and type up something interesting.

Here are a few delicious little typewriter incarnations I've been comin
g across.
I totally fell in love with this tiny solid 18k gold charm at Tiffany's parents jewelry shop.
The painstakingly hand sewn dream typewriter from The Science of Sleep by Lauri Faggioni.
Wood and brass one of a kind handmade piece by Japanese artist Mr. Matsumoto (Boku)

Here's a great source for restored and rare typewriters VintageTypewriterShoppe

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lovely: Lady Grey

Friends and fellow MassArt Alumni Sabine Le Guyader and Jill Martinelli's jewelry line Lady Grey has always always been a favorite of mine but I have yet to pick up a piece. Lately I cant get the bone necklace out of my head. Their beautifully macabre and feminine line is expanding to interesting places.
Sterling Silver Clothespin on silk cord

Official Myspace page

Inspiration: green

I want this backyard.