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Sunday, November 30, 2008

bunnies anyone?

"Hase/Rabbit/Coniglio"; large knitted rabbit in the Italian Alps; 2005-2025 by Gelitin

"life (connects the dots)"; 18x24" screenprint, luckybunnyworldwide

"Pirate Bunny"; Rob Jones; screenprint via Richard Goodall Gallery
Petit Lapin by Mr. Clement and Marie Paysant-Le Roux; edition of 100 with handmade scarves
Small bunny oil painting with hand painted frame; ebay auction

"bunny head"; ceramic and silver necklace by Jade Gallup of me me me

new discovery: Allen Hampton

I was recently introduced to Allen Hampton's art by a good friend of his.  Allen's body of work is diverse, subversive and makes me feel a little uneasy.  His projects range from  sculptural pieces, graffiti, installations to even working with dead pigs and animal blood. 
"untitled (shit rolls down hill...)"; crushed car, metal base plate, wood pallet, dung beetle  (I love that little bug!)
"We're making out in the landfill splashing around knee deep in ash"; mixed media
"I hold your hand in mine, the rest of you is scattered all over."; Mixed media

"The four horse-woman of the apocalypse; pigs feet hand tattooed by artist
Check out his flickr page; polaroids

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

great article: death of a party?

Check out this insightful article just posted by ARTLURKER:
DEATH OF A PARTY? Will Miami’s nightlife prosper over Art Basel Miami Beach or do
es the current economic instablity have yet more far reaching effects in store for Miami’s art community?
Spencer Tunick’s 2007 installation at The Sagamore. Courtesy of The Sagamore and guest curator Kimberly Marrero.

Judit Ström

Silhouette Strings II, 2007, lambdiaprint, 18x42 cm, Ed. 5
resources: Helene Nyborg gallery; Galerie Zürcher
This image by Judit Ström makes me feel serene and balanced. Bring on the Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

finally...I decided on peepee

After some serious brain power and scouring the internet I finally decided on what to get my parents for Christmas this year:"Accident", Ricochet Studio, porcelain and gold luster; ltd edition of 10
Their work looks marvelous and I really like the bone china milk carton vases but the second I came across this little boy I knew that this was the perfect gift for mom and dad.
You might be thinking that's a pretty random gift to buy someone's parents but I am positive they will absolutely adore this piece. They are the same people who would take out this little naked guy every year for the holidays. When the ornaments were brought out I knew this little nudist was about to make an appearance. (I have since "borrowed" him from them and he now resides in my apartment.)

looking forward to: FRIENDSWITHYOU

It's almost time for Art Basel!!! Included in the laundry list of exhibits and events I want to attend I am looking forward to seeing the FriendsWithYou “Fun House" installation.
Fun House is an interactive exhibition for the lounge of SCOPE MIAMI 2008 in which a giant bounce house presiding over a village of mystical counterparts will aim to unlock the untold healing potential of fun.
The Fun House bounce house will be the center piece in a vast array of interactive structures that will stimulate visitors’ inner children through interplay with the work’s uncommon sense of transparency- custom furniture and zany sounds will further reinforce the lounge’s centralized theme.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Cheers to my oh so talented friend Ferris who just scored 3 (free!) white vintage Eames Eiffel chairs.
Check out her website to view some of her awesome graphic design work. Here are a few mixed media art pieces that I really love:
mixed media collage with hand stitching, 2006
detail of a painstakingly hand stitched canvas tote bag

Friday, November 21, 2008

inspiration: Andrea Vittel

I love Andrea Vittel's shifting body of work. I think I need to incorporate a little more discipline and control in my life and I am inspired by her theories.
Blurring the lines between life and art, Zittel’s projects extend to her own home and wardrobe. Wearing a single outfit every day for an entire season, and constantly remodeling her home to suit changing demands and interests, Zittel continually reinvents her relationship to her domestic and social environment
"living units":
Check out her smock shop project where they sell handmade clothing meant to "save you time, money and energy. Rather than agonizing about what to put on each morning you can move on to larger things like experiencing the world in it's fullest and learning about new things. We promise that your full life will be far more exciting then your full closet ever was."The smockshop is an artist run enterprise that generates income for artists whose work is either non-commercial, or not yet self sustaining. SmockshopBlog
Her inspiration for the project came from working in an office and not having enough money to wear expensive clothes everyday. I don't have the guts/discipline to wear one outfit for an entire season but I do agree that fretting over what I wear to work everyday does waste some time.
Check out a snippet from her Art:21 appearance:

great find: Derringer Cycles

I just found out that my boyfriend wants one of these hand made 1920's replica Board Track Racing Bike Motorcycles. These retro styled bikes by Derringer Cycles can be either peddled or engine driven. I think they look absolutely gorgeous and streamlined but he aint getting one this year.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

mini obsession: vintage televisions

I clearly seem to have a thing for nostalgia. I have completely fallen in love with the idea of owning a restored vintage television set.
21" blonde Olympic television; via Sundance Catalog; $850
After spotting that gorgeous TV above I searched Ebay and found this little olive green gem:
21" Philco Predicta Blonde Holiday Model; ebay auction
I'm so going to break down and eventually pick one up.


When I think of the holidays cardinals usually come to mind.
"untitled" 2006, Marcel Dzama; the royal art lodge
"Welcomed Lunch Guest" photo by Tah Groen; 5x5", $12 on etsyCute vintage wooden cardinal pin found on Ebay.
This piece looks like it might be a Takahashi bird which is a timeless handcrafted collectors item. I once found a gold finch pin worth over $185 at a thrift store for only 50 cents!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

inspiration: sticking to my long term goal

(Gah!! WORK!!....deep sigh)
I plan to eventually leave my 9-5 job and start my own boutique. It's a pretty typical goal for a design conscience 20 something shopaholic, but it's truly been a passion of mine for years.
I've never been to Urban Flower Grange Hall in Dallas but the second I came across their site and sneak peeks of the shop I was in love. Their luxury fantasy aesthetic is so beautiful and it definitely inspires some ideas for my future curiosity shop.

Another equally inspiring resource I glance at is the Independent London/Store Guide I picked up last March in England.This teeny book is loaded with exclusive shops and boutiques throughout the city that are all run by savvy entrepreneurs. I so need to go home and flip through this tonight and remind myself there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


I'm waiting for 1 o'clock to hit so that I can stop pretending to work and go have lunch with my mom.
Sketches by kozyndan; Flickr

Monday, November 17, 2008

<3 lab rat

I've been getting some Holiday shopping done recently and I have to admit I just love buying things. I love gift giving and I certainly enjoy treating myself to goodies. So with that said, here is something that would make a wonderful gift and addition to my growing collection of rodent theme art:
This hand knitted lab rat by The Crafty Hedgehog makes me squeal. Everything from his colorful felty innards, his pinned back mohair pelt to his teenie X eyes are precious. I would cuddle him and love him everyday and I am definitely putting him on my Christmas list this year. The Crafty Hedgehog is a wonderful Etsy resource that will not disappoint. One of my good friends purchased Monsieur le Moustache Grenouille (aka Marcel) last year and he is even cuter in person. Here he is traveling throughout England and Ireland with us:

Saturday, November 15, 2008

ebay score: kitty painting

I've been on a hunt for the perfect cat painting and I can tell you, it isn't a simple feat. Just browse Ebay or Etsy and you'll find hundreds of pieces that are eligible candidates for the MOBA. But after some patience and luck I can now happily say that I am the proud winner of this yummy/tacky little gem:
"Oriental short hair white", 8x10" oil on canvas board; 2008; T.F. Lu
When I came across this auction I was instantly reminded of a photograph by Terrance Koh from the 2006 VICE photo issue.
This image titled, "Gilbert with herpes in eye" is nothing but amazing in it's subtle grossness and tranquility.

I love: coe & waito

Instead of a chandelier I want these hand sculpted porcelain jellyfish please.  This installation piece by Alissa Coe and Carlie Waito of coe&waito has been featured in a few art spaces but I think my home would make a great final destination. 

Friday, November 14, 2008

champagne & diamonds vicodin & icepacks

I just had my wisdom teeth removed and right now I don't feel nor look fabulous.  I figured since I'm under the weather, this would be an appropriate time to introduce you to two ladies who are always glamourous and smashing.

This foxy duo from Champagne and Diamonds is the first edition of taxidermy curio art by Lovedtodeath.  
We enjoy hosting these teenie lushes at our apartment everyday. These girls are always sipping on bubbly and gossiping about society while we toil away in our normal little lives.