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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Everything's coming up roses today

Barnaby Barford,
  • Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses
  • 2009

  • porcelain, earthenware, enamel paint
  • Resources: It's Nice That Q&A
  •  The rain just stopped and we're heading out to shoot skeet and sip champagne. 
    clink and bang bang.


    karly / design crisis said...

    yes and yes.

    Awesome Sara said...

    what a neat blog!!! i'm totally following you, oh hey tough shit but you're on my fav bitches list

    clorivak said...

    You're joking out about the skeet right?? If you are not joking, you are even more cool than I could possible imagine.

    WOOHOO...Sara is on the scene, She is complete riot...Love that bitch!!!! <3

    clorivak said...

    clorivak said...

    ok sorry for all these comments but after that last photo, I came across this one so there was no way I couldn't immediately send it to you..haha...

    House of Slappy said...

    I LOVE it!