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Thursday, May 7, 2009

japan we will never see

"The Japan We Will Never See was an effort to surface the unseen and unheard. A series of negatives from pre, during, and post WWII Japan were stumbled upon at an estate sale, of which the only information to describe them were shorthand markings on envelopes. What became more interesting was the knowledge that short of their photographer, they had never been seen by anyone else. The question was then raised that, if a photographer captures an image, but does not share it, does it truly exist? And with that, could another person reinterpret their original intent?..."
Matthew Bednarik
Sometimes a sharp project synopsis can make a good set of shots great.


jules said...

This is so cool.

The Cottage Cheese said...

Fascinating! I am so glad these survived.

Children of the Nineties said...

That's so interesting! Thanks for sharing it.

clorivak said...

Those photos are beautiful. Loved the set. Thanks for sharing, big time!

god, little japanese kids are adorable..that one little girl in the little kimono..too sweet.