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Friday, May 8, 2009

happy friday

"the last giant octopus"


Dallas Shaw said...

love the colors in this


gracie o said...

Happy Friday to you, too!!! It's my furlough day, and I'm awake. WTF?!

I want a couple of bathing suits like these. It's the year of the one piece, if any piece at all.

clorivak said...

Happening Fried-ay to you too! I know I'm totally mentally fried...I'd be dead if it weren't for this day.

speaking of octopus...

p.s.- there are oddly enough, waaay too many pictures of kitties with toy octopus's. I typed it in flickr...and boom...tons..what the.

clorivak said...

thx for that cute mouse bird couple btw...f'ng adorable.