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Friday, May 22, 2009

weekday link time

LSD rubix cube!

(I'm getting out early so you folks are getting the link post earlier than norm. Have a lovely long weekend my behbehs!)



Links glorious linkssss...THANKS!
~Fab weekend dear! XO

Annie said...

oooh, i want my wedding to look like that too! it's so pretty!

clorivak said...

how i adore thee memelodies! i miss you so much, dang work blocking your site.
i'm in a rush, out the door to drink wine at the waterfront..but i shall revisit these links tomorrow.

i was crushed by cuteness of the dog/chair portraits...absolutely genious, some of the BEST pet photography i've seen!!

that industrial furniture is drop dead cementingly gorgeous..didn't think it was possible but holy!

thanks so much for the fro cosby, totally made my week!

Nik said...

Hi, new reader here. Love there are times and the whale reenactment. :) Happy weekend!

clorivak said...

sorry for the drunkmail..haha..have a good one!

wool and misc said...

WTF! i just noticed that i posted this same video. pure coincidence. my apologies, i didn't mean to straight up rip you off.