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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Gonzenbach; ORDINARY TALES , 2006
env 45x35x4 cm chaque, gravure laser sur peau de lapin

Now that me and my mans carpool together in the morning I've been waking up much earlier than normal. Yesterday he actually woke me up at 6:45am so we can have coffee and krispy kremes together. It was sweet but I wanted to skin him alive.

I wonder if he'd be as cute as these skinned rabbits? I never would have thought rabbit pelt as medium would look so great.


clorivak said...

awwww....that made me melt a little..early morning krispy kremes and coffeee, very cute. Are you married? just curious.

My mom used to teach eskimos in northern canada when she was in her 20's and we always had a few of those lying around when i was a kid..not with artwork on them though. it seems it would be cool to etch on them.

they are oh so soft.

east side bride said...

You are in a funny mood this week :P

me melodia said...

kitty: no, we're not married. It's been 4 years and we've been living together for 2. So it feels like it.

ESB: Omg, can you tell? I feel like someone taxidermied my head. :p


Hauntingly quite beautiful...shhh just don't let Peta org know! ;) Maegan said...

L.O.L!!!!! they are pretty!

drollgirl said...

bahahhaha!!! you are too much. do not skin him alive. not unless you are really really mad and really really really hongry.

my man works nights and comes to be between 4:30 and 5:30. it drives me nuts. as he always wakes me up when he comes to bed. and sometimes he wants to talk. GROAN. but i hadn't even thought to skin him. hmmmmmm. i'll keep that idea in my back pocket.

gracie o said...

i ♥ that you guys carpool. it's so cute! i wish i could with r, i would get an extra 30mins of sleep everyday.

gracie o said...

ps. the pelts are grrreat!