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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

interior spaces: Salem- Chrissy&Kevin

I am so pleased to have my dear pals Chrissy a talented prop/wardrobe stylist and Kevin a partner/designer at Liberated Images showcase their new loft for the interior spaces project. Not only is Chrissy one of the funniest people I know but she and her hubbers have a great eye for style. It's apparent that they are proud of their first home together. Its a 974 square ft condo in a 100 year old brick building in downtown historic Salem Massachusetts. Prior to being residential the space was an indoor driving range!

100 year old maple floors, exposed brick, high ceilings, a melange of modern/vintage furniture and a sick record collection set the mood for this clean and inviting living room.

proud chiwa parents of BB and her bud Sneezer!

refreshing white yet not sterile

They are fortunate enough to have great thrift shops close by and a slew of creative friends to offer art and carpentry services. "The huge shelving unit was built by a friend of mine from art school, Jay Rodricks. He built it out of mahogany to specifically fit Kevin's serious record collection. We love it and are very proud of Jay's work."

everything about this entryway is amazing!

There's nothing like a clean no frills kitchen. Busy counter tops are a huge pet peeve of mine.

"We are roughly 5 blocks from the ocean, so we have the sounds of seagulls and smell
of the ocean air."

knowing that their bedroom is so close to the water and naturally peaceful makes it that much better. BB and the Beatles ain't bad either.


clorivak said...

Ooo..Supa swank! I love the HUGE windows and the openness of it all.
They also have some killer knick knacks..hehe, I love seeing other peeps little decors as you mentioned in the last post, especially when you can tell someone lives there.

I agree with you on the countertops business, cluttered counters stress the shite out of me!

What a cute poochie!!
great posty!

Children of the Nineties said...

I love this! It's so airy and open, and i love the curtains.

sarah said...

Going to Chrissy and Kevin's place makes me feel so sad and inferior about our low ceilings and tiny rooms. Way to rub it in, Melody.

iheartstuff said...

those windows are amaaaaazing!

Juliette Merck said...

Great space, and very good taste.
It's so amazing to have a place with so much light and so much character. Beautiful!!!

The Cottage Cheese said...

Great pairing of the brick walls and arched windows with modern furniture. I love this space, I would feel very at home there. I am envious of the Kandinsky chair! And how dreamy to be able to smell the salty breeze through those windows...