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Friday, May 29, 2009

weekday link wrap up

Yays! We made it!Prof Dr Kong Sr
Felieke van der Leest


drollgirl said...

DUDE!!! how in the world you be finding all this cool shit?!?!?!?!?!!?!? gah! i am jealous!!!!

i hope you have a killer weekend. and be afraid. i have a girl crush on you. :)

wool and misc said...

yayy! i was jonesin' for a weekday link list, but didn't want to be pushy.

have a great weekend. i'm sending you some love in the mail TODAY.


clorivak said...

good gosh, i love your weekly links. my adore those stone candy collection majigs! And looved that silly little chiwa, omg i love when dogs get burts of energy like that.

i'm going out so adios, hope your weekend is grand. watch out droll is gonna pound your door down this her!

here's to you kid...

xoxox saptastic love

The Cottage Cheese said...

Love these weekly posts! I would totally eat that donut. The whole thing. And that's pretty much the best commercial ever.