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Friday, May 15, 2009

weekday link time

"driving me backwards"; plslala
paper, ink, movie magic, 2008


clorivak said...

your links make me say in my head "I want, I want, I want"..especially the rompers...god, they rock. i must find one that doesn't cost so much though. don't get me started on that damn vintage market..imagine the scores.
Adore the "driving me backwards"..want.

gracie o said...

1. thank you for curating all these lovely links! i look forward to these posts all week.
2. i look like a douchebag in vintage. i'm more future slut.
3. hope you have a happy happy happy birthday!!!


me melodia said...

Thank you K&G!
I love you hussies.

clorivak said...

Oh SHITE! Happy BeeBoppin' Birthday!!! Hope you end up like that after the dinner painting...make sure Parker takes lots of pics!!!

Elizabeth Marie said...

I love links! YAY, now I'll prob go broke but look fab, so who cares. Anddd Happy Birthday! XOXOXO


Happy Birthday & a lovely weekend...Thanks for the linkssss too ~SMILEs*

Sydnie said...

Thank you so much! I love your blog!


clorivak said...

melods, send me your email...i need to send you a crazy pic that i can't link to..i needed to save it to my computer. unless i'm a tard and can't think right now but its on a page with a bunch of pics and it has no direct link, if that makes sense.
my email is if you wanted to keep it privy..:P

The Cottage Cheese said...

I love the Eames short, I have watched it a few times before and will keep watching it over and over! How much am I craving going to that Vintage Fashion Market? Damn this rainy day has me feeling bored and restless.

sherri said...

that Eames video was fantastic. It made that chair look even better. Which I thought impossible.